3 Helpful Tips for Planning a Christening Party

A christening is a significant event celebrated by Christian families. It signifies the infant’s freedom from original sin and affirms that they are children of God. The baptism or christening welcomes a child into the Christian world and its devotion and faith in God. The priest in the church typically officiates the ceremony and is witnessed by parents, close family members, and godparents. The parents of the child choose the godparents who will play an essential role in the Christian formation of the child and other areas of their lives. After the ceremony, a celebration follows as family and friends share the joy of the baptism with the child’s parents.

While the christening party can be held in the child’s home or a different venue, preparations are necessary to make it a memorable event for everyone. Like other celebrations, you start making arrangements in advance to ensure that the celebration flows smoothly and your guests have an enjoyable time throughout the party. The following tips can help you through the planning process and reduce the stress that usually accompanies party preparations.

  1. Prepare your guest list

Consider the church size and the party venue when preparing your guest list. Remember that the people present during the ceremony are those who will also be at the party. Therefore, ensure that both locations can accommodate your guests comfortably. Typically, a christening party is more intimate than birthday celebrations and other events. This is because the people you invite are your closest family members and friends who have always been present in your life. However, having a bigger celebration and inviting more guests for this significant moment of your child’s life is not uncommon. From here, you can pick out beautiful invitations and personalised writing paper perfect for the occasion and send them out to your selected guests.

  1. Organise the party

Organising the christening party is similar to planning other special events. You start by finding the perfect venue for the party, which is suitable for the theme you have in mind. Then, use your creativity to decorate the venue, such as filling the room with pink or blue balloons for your baby boy or girl. You may also want to give christening favours to your guests as mementoes of your child’s christening. Some popular ideas include customised glassware, tinned candles, or keychains. Consider a catering service and hire a photographer and videographer to record every happy moment of the party.

  1. Present gift ideas for guests

Your guests would appreciate knowing what they can give your baby on this special day. It saves them the trouble of thinking of suitable gifts for the occasion. The best way to let them know is to include gift preferences in your invitations. However, you can also choose not to remind your guests about gifts and leave the decision to them. Either way is appropriate.

A christening party is ideal for commemorating your child’s entry into the Christian fold. When a child is baptised, the parents further reaffirm their faith and ensure that, like them, their child follows the Christian way of life.

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