100 Acre Wood

This is the fictional name for where Christopher Robin, Pooh and his friends live.  In reality it is a cultivated pine plantation called Five Hundred Acre Wood.  It has a forest area around it with mixed deciduous trees including large oaks and beech trees.  It was one of these splendid beech trees that had inspired "Wols House".  Sadly, it blew down causing A.A.Milne to tell the story,

     "Pooh sat on the floor that had once been a wall, and gazed up at the ceiling which had once been another wall, with a front door in it which had once been a front door, and tried to give his mind to it."

The House at Pooh Corner - A.A.Milne

There are public pathways that enable you to visit the Five Hundred Acre Wood but make sure there is enough daylight left for your return.

     "You would need to be a brave explorer to venture into the Five Hundred Acre at night, and I never did."

The Enchanted Places - Christopher Milne

100 Acre


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