Where the North Pole Was

The B2026 road runs across the Forest between Hartfield and Maresfield.  From Gill's Lap you cross this road and venture accross and down into the vally.  Eventually you will find the spot where the "North Pole" was found,

     "They stuck a pole in the ground, and Christopher Robin tied a message on to it:

Winnie-the-Pooh - A.A.Milne

The Pole itself is not to be found but if you go on your own "Expotition" to find it, you will discover that nearby the path crosses a tiny stream.  The stream is too small for the game Poohsticks however, turn left before crossing the bridge and walk on keeping the stream to your right.  After 50 or so metres you will be close to where the Pole was first placed.  Be careful not to fall in.  Roo fell in just here and excitedly proclaimed that he was swimming.  It was Pooh who used the 'North Pole' to help rescue him! 


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