The Heffalump Trap

After years of extensive research and perilous Expotitions we now believe that this is probably the location of the frightening Heffalump Trap – take care. It can be found 130 metres west of Gill’s Lap. Collect your FREE Map from the Pooh Corner shop in Hartfield before you set out.

"Pooh’s first idea was that they should dig a Very Deep Pit, and that the Heffalump would come along and fall into the Pit . . . Pooh rubbed his nose with his paw, and said that the Heffalump might be walking along, humming a little song, and looking up at the sky, wondering if it would rain, and so he wouldn’t see the Very Deep Pit until he was halfway down, when it would be too late."

Winnie-the-Pooh A.A.Milne

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